Why go for a Trekking Getaway

A Weekend getaway is in today’s time a booming practice. We all want to take some time off from the hustle bustle of the city life, go to a so-called remote place and take a chill pill. I am sure everyone wants those crazy #Goadiaries and enjoy a cold one at the beach or #Mountainsarecallingandimustgo in the high of the beauty of Kasol. While everyone is chasing the mainstream getaway, I urge you on trying something different and that is what this blog post is about. Trekking is one of the perfect ways of getting away from your daily routine. Trekking by definition means to go on a long, arduous journey on foot. It could be a day-hike or several days long trek.

lets trek !!

So to start with, should the getaway place be a remote location? My answer is no! But it should be remote enough to kill your daily life buzz and that is why trekking in the Himalayas is perfect. The peaceful and pure environment of the mountains is sure to calm your blood which has been boiling from hearing your boss’ orders and will bring you that peace of mind that you have been seeking for. When you go out venturing, it will be a totally different world away from the city madness. You will see beautiful trees, plants and flowers making the surroundings colourful, something that you’ll not find in your city. The noise of the traffic will get replaced by the sound of trickling of streams and chirping of birds. This change in ambience will please your heart for sure. I am sure many of you have experienced this mountain getaway. But combine it with trekking and you will feel the difference. Such an adventurous getaway is not only for a change of place. It is to give you that sense of accomplishment. Completing a trek gives a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s a journey. A journey which has its own pace, challenges that will test your mind and body, and rewards that are priceless. Once you are up and back at base, you will feel extremely happy by yourself on completing the trek. My friend, you walked all that way on those big mountains! It will offer you the best of views and craziest of experiences, which you will cherish forever. Imagine a place where for miles all you can see is beautiful mountains, where you start your day with a view of the sunrise and end it with a surreal sunset. And for stargazing, I shall let the picture do the talking.

stargazing session.


Trekking could be even more fun when you do it with your family, friends or colleagues. Challenges, when faced together, develop a whole new bond between people and this bond lasts a lifetime. In this world of smartphones, trekking is the best way to dump your gadgets and talk to each other. You will get to know your friends so much better and will have the best of experiences together. My friends and I still share stories of our first trek which was years back. Trust me, you will never get over it. Trekking also gives you an opportunity to travel and experience the rich culture of the place that you are in. It is a different style of living up there in the mountains and by seeing and interacting with the people there, you’ll understand that life is more than just the internet, clubs and parties.

view of the Himalayas from the summit
capturing moments

A getaway is to have a change from regular life and re-energise your body. Many of us take such trips, get drunk and party in the beauty of the solitude of nature. But believe me, that is a waste of your so-called getaway. It is nothing different than what you would have done in your city on a Saturday night, deal with the hangover entire Sunday and then finally cheers to the Monday blues. Try something different this weekend. To start with, go for a short hike if there is any near where you stay or spend some time at the nearby park with a Frisbee and a camera. Plan a trek with your friends for your next getaway. Check out some trekking operators like IndiaHikes or Trek The Himalayas and book a trek with them. I assure you it will turn out to be a perfect wholesome getaway leaving you wanting for more.

If you want to know about any weekend trek or anything else that I can help you with related to the topic, feel free to drop in a comment or message through any social media platform and I would be happy to help you.

All the best!

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